The Asylum Sanctorium trial is located in Clockwork City added with the Clockwork City DLC.

Discover the Asylum Sanctorium

An eerie clockwork sanitarium, the Asylum Sanctorium is a shorter Trial experience that pits your team against three mechanical bosses and promises to reward you with powerful Asylum Weapons.

This new Trial is unique in that your group will choose how and when to face each boss, helping to determine how challenging the experience will be. Dare you try to complete the Trial as quickly as possible and strike directly at the main boss? If you do, your team will have to deal with all three at the same time!

The ability to choose when you face each boss allows your group to customize the difficulty and speed of the Trial, and there are different rewards associated with the different ways it can be completed. This means that experienced speed-running guilds and newer public groups will both enjoy the Asylum Sanctorium in different ways, depending on their style of play.

Walkthrough & Strategies

trial-eso-dungeon Asylum Sanctorium Trial

The Asylum Sanctorium Trial quest begins when you enter the dungeon. There are 3 bosses the team has to battle during the trial:???

Asylum Sanctorium Recommendations

All Group Members

  • CP rank ?? for Veteran and Hard Mode
  • ??k Health
  • Appropriate gear for group buffs (Ebon, Worm) and damage buffs (Aether, Alkosh, Twilight, etc.)
  • CP 150+ food
  • Potions geared to magicka or stamina based character (weapon damage, spell critical, and/or spell power)
  • Soul gems
  • One group member with Retreating Maneuver skill slotted

Class Ultimates

  • Nightblade Ultimates:  Veil of Blades, Shooting Star, Fiery Rage (destruction staff)
  • Sorcerer Ultimates:  Shooting Star, Energy Overload, Suppression Field, Fiery Rage (destruction staff)
  • Dragonknight Ultimates:  
    • Tank:  Aggressive Warhorn, Magma Shell, Barrier
    • DPS:  Shooting Star, Standard, Dawnbreaker, Fiery Rage (destruction staff)
  • Templar Ultimates:
    • Healer:  Aggressive Warhorn, Solar Prison
    • DPS:  Shooting Star, Solar Prison

Group Composition

  • ? tank on normal mode
  • ? tanks on vet and hard mode
  • ? healers
  • ? dps:  maximum of ? melee

Asylum Sanctorium High Level Walkthrough

 General Tips 1

Boss 1

Some more tips go here

Boss 2

Further Trial Tips


Boss 3

Trial Tips go here



  • Location: Clockwork City


  • Asylum Sanctorium Complete
  • Asylum Sanctorium Conquerer
  • Time Trial: Asylum Sanctorium
  • Asylum Sanctorium Difficult Mode


  • ??
  • ??
  • ??


  • ??

Set Drops

  • ??
  • ??
  • ??
  • ??


Asylum Sanctorium Maps

Asylum Sanctorium
Lowest level


Asylum Sanctorium
Middle Level


Asylum Sanctorium
First Island


Asylum Sanctorium
Second Island


Asylum Sanctorium
Third Island


Asylum Sanctorium
Final Island


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