Betnikh is a Location in Elder Scrolls Online. This small island was originally under Breton control, however it is now occupied by Orcs. This area is designed for questing at levels 5-6.

Betnikh Information

Crafting Materials

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Dungeons.pngPublic Dungeons

  • None

Dark Anchor.pngDark Anchors

  • None

Group Boss.pngElite Spawns

  • None

Group Dungeon.pngGroup Dungeon

  • None

Betnikh Maps

Betnikh Quests

Quest Name Obtained Reward
Carzog's Demise In Carzog's Demise by talking to Lambur at Stonetooth Fortress Tazgol's Ancestral Axe, 196 Gold, 604 Gold, 18242 VP
Daughter of Seamount In Stonetooth Fortress by talking to Hunt-Wife Lurgush. Seamount Bow, 49 Gold, 151 Gold, 337 XP, 6080 VP
Farsight In Betnikh by talking to Magula. 49 Gold, 151 Gold, 6080 VP
Into the Hills In Carved Hills, Bloodthorn Lair by talking to Laganakh near Stonetooth Fortress. Bloodthorn Dagger, 122 Gold, 377 Gold, 9121 VP
On to Glenumbra In Betnikh, Daggerfall by talking to Chief Tazgol in Stonetooth Fortress. 49 Gold, 151 Gold, 337 XP, 6080 VP
Prove Your Worth In Betnikh, south of Grimfield by talking to Garnikh. Garnikh's Bite, 24 Gold, 75 Gold, 6080 VP
The Bloodthorn Plot In Betnikh, Moriseli by talking to Gruluk gro-Khazun at the Betnikh docks. 98 Gold, 302 Gold, 9121 VP
Tormented Souls In Moriseli by talking to Azlakha near Moriseli. Targoth's Shield, 122 Gold, 377 Gold, 9121 VP
Unearthing the Past In Grimfield, Ayleid Sanctuary by talking to Rozag gro-Khazun on the outskirts of Grimfield. Kingsguard Hammer, 196 Gold, 604 Gold,18242 VP


external image OrcBlacksmith.png
From the journal of Ugarlesh, Forge-Wife: 
“I caught Lagabesh lurking around the forge and asked her what she thought of the helm I just finished. She stuck out her tongue and scurried off giggling. She's that age where she wants to rebel against anything her mother likes, but I see her stalking around the forge more and more when I work, watching me craft good, strong weapons and armor for our warriors. I even caught her admiring the axe I forged for the chieftain's oldest, running her fingers over the blade and tracing the engravings. She's not quite ready to do more than simple tasks around the forge, but she will make some Orc a fine Forge-Wife one day; I can already tell.”

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