These builds focus on solo/duo, Small Group or Trial player vs environment content.

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Dragon Knight Builds | Sorcerer Builds | NightBlade Builds | Templar Builds



Dragon Knight

Build Name Quick Overview Focus Date Posted/Udated
Dragonknight Destruction Staff DPS Build - Survibable This is basically a DK + Fire Staff build This build is focused on PvE, though should be adaptable to PvP with the change of a few abilities. Aug 2015
FunKnight by skykingz Set and Skills for a versatile pvp or pve buil My build is solely for fun and not really optimize for anything specific. May 2015



Build Name Quick Overview Focus Date Posted/Updated
Destruction Stuff DPS - Survivable This is a Sorcerer + Destruction Staff build which maximises the effect of spells, mainly the effect of flame, frost and shock effects. PvE Oct 2016
Hostility Build - The Sorcerer Tank The Hostility build is for Sorcerer tanking, based on a Sword and Board primary weapon set. PvE Jan 2015
Socerer AOE DPS Build Extremely high critical chance and survivability PvE Feb 2015

Thunderous Destroyer Build

A sturdy fighter capable of inflicting massive amounts of damage while effortlessly staying alive. PvE Feb 2015



Build Name Quick Overview Focus Date Posted/Updated
Nightblade Assassin An extensive guide on the nightblade class when used as assassin. PvE
Nov 2016
Blood Mage (Healer)
by Kyubi
RaceBreton is recommanded
Attributes: This build defies the notion that Templars are the best healers, and focuses on syphoning with some assasination.
Equipment: Restoration Staff, full set of light armor (can be done with a hybrid in medium but light will definitively make your life more confortable magicka Wise)
Crafting: Since by default you will be using clothes and staves i heavily recommand perfecting your woodworking and your tailoring skills.
PvE April 2014
Reaper Nightblade Buildby Darkonflare15 A fun build that relies on high damage and quick return of health and other resources. To overwhelm and survive you opponents. PvE Jan 2015
Tarrou_'s Nightblade I play a 2h/bow stamina Nightblade that I really enjoy. What I lack in control I make up for in burst, and it makes for a really fun experience as a roaming/solo PvP build, but also for solo PvE. It doesn't bring too much to the table for dungeons, but a few tweaks can fix that. It is more focused on mid to higher levels, but there's no reason you can't incorporate elements of the build starting at level 1. Solo PvP & PvE May 2015
Shang Tsung Mageblade PvE
by alloutofbblgum
Magic Nightblade for all PvE, Dungeons, DSA, Trials. Can easily be adapted to PvP with some skill swaps. PvE Dec 2015
Blood Rogue A rogue that can surprise his foes, drain their health, and keep it all to himself. PvE May 2015



Build Name Quick Overview Focus Date Posted/Updated
Timedawn's DPS Templar Race: Wood Elf
Attributes: 1 magicka, 2 health, 3 stamina
Equipment: 7 medium with health or stamina (you can add some magicka in there as well if you want to be able to spam blazing shield more though health is most likely better since it means the shield will be able to absorb more).
Solo, Small Groups and Duo content Feb 2016
Resto Warrior A build that will keep you and your allies fighting on in the thick of any battle. PvE, PvP May 2015

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