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Xbox Controls
PS4 Controls
PC Keyboard Controls
PC Game pad Controls

Xbox One Controls

Source: The Road Ahead - February

Playstation 4 Controls


  1. Camera zoon: Hold DOWN on the d-pad and then use your left stick to zoom in and out. Zooming out gives you a better view of your surroundings
  2. You can quickslot items from your inventory menu. You can also quickslot Emotes. Press Options, then go to social > emotes and browse through the list, press sqaure to assign
  3. Blocking and Interrupting are musts! Get good at pressing L2 to block, and L2+R2 to interrupt. Dodging is also useful!! L1+X
  4. Hold Down on the trackpad to summon your Mount - R1 and L1 to dismount it quickly. Stand still and press X while mounted to have your mount perform an emote.
  5. Join area/group/guild voicechat via your Options > Social > Voice menu. Muting your mic when you aren't talking is ideal :)
  6. To Fast travel, visit a Wayshrine, then press triangle to bring up the zones. Select a zone and press circle to go back, now you can choose where to port to.
external image 11169822_10155456901890570_5246489852504761715_n.jpg



This is the default button layout of the PC version.


Movement Primary Bind Secondary Bind
Move Forward W UP
Move Backward S DOWN
Toggle Walk/Run Not Bound Not Bound
Move Left A LEFT
Move Right D RIGHT
Jump SPACE Not Bound
Autorun MB4 Num Lock
Roll Dodge Not Bound Not Bound
Toggle Mount H Not Bound
Combat Primary Bind Secondary Bind
Attack LMB Not Bound
Block RMB Not Bound
Sprint SHIFT Not Bound
Crouch CTRL Not Bound
Interrupt LMB + RMB Not Bound
Use Synergy X Not Bound
Weapon Swap \ MB5
Weapon Swap To Set 1 Not Bound Not Bound
Weapon Swap To Set 2 Not Bound Not Bound
Ability 1 1 Not Bound
Ability 2 2 Not Bound
Ability 3 3 Not Bound
Ability 4 4 Not Bound
Ability 5 5 Not Bound
Ultimate Ability R Not Bound
Quickslot Item Q Not Bound
Sheathe/Unsheathe < Not Bound
Command Pet Y Not Bound
Targeting Primary Bind Secondary Bind
Cycle Preferred Enemy Target TAB Not Bound
Camera Primary Bind Secondary Bind
Zoom Camera Out Mousewheel Down Not Bound
Zoom Camera In Mousewheel Up Not Bound
Mouse Freelook MMB Not Bound
Interaction Primary Bind Secondary Bind
Interact With Evironment E Not Bound
Interact With Player F Not Bound
User Interface Primary Bind Secondary Bind
Toggle Fullscreen Mode ALT-EINGABE Not Bound
Take Screenshot Print Screen Not Bound
Start Chat ENTER Not Bound
Start Chat Slash Not Bound Not Bound
Reply to Whisper Not Bound Not Bound
UI On/Off Not Bound Not Bound
Character Windows ALT Not Bound
Crown Store , Not Bound
Inventory I B
Character C Not Bound
Skills K Not Bound
Champion = Not Bound
Journal J Not Bound
Collections U Not Bound
Map M Not Bound
Group P Not Bound
Contacts O Not Bound
Guilds G Not Bound
Alliance War L Not Bound
Mail / Not Bound
Notifications N Not Bound
Help F1 Not Bound
System ESC Not Bound
Cycle Focused Quest T Not Bound
First/Third Person V Not Bound
Toggle In-Game Cursor . Not Bound

User Interface Shortcuts

  Primary Bind Secondary Bind
Primary Action/Accept E Not Bound
Secondary Action R Not Bound
Tertiary Action F Not Bound
Decline/Negative/Abandon Action X Not Bound
Report a Player F1 Not Bound
View Quicklots (From Inventory) Q Not Bound
Show On Map (From Quest Journal) M Not Bound
Cycle Focused Quest (From Quest Journal) T Not Bound


  Primary Bind Secondary Bind
Fire Siege Weapon LMB Not Bound
Exit Siege Weapon ALT Not Bound
Stow Siege Weapon X Not Bound


  Primary Bind Secondary Bind
Primary Dialog Action E Not Bound
Secondary Dialog Action R Not Bound
Neagtive/Decline Dialog Action ALT Not Bound
Close Dialog ESC Not Bound


  Primary Bind Secondary Bind
Accept Notification F Not Bound
Decline Notification X Not Bound


Using a PS3 Controller with PC

How to configure a controller by Nebthet78 

The first thing you need is a third party program downloaded like Xpadder, Motionjoy or Pinnacle. They contain the emulator drivers in them. 

Since I used motionjoy, I also downloaded another program called Better DS3 tool. It was also free and was much easier for doing my own mapping. 

Here is what I put in for my controls. Though I have changed them slightly. 

external image ps322_zps8036a026.jpg 

These were for movement, directions and camera angles (first or third person) and sneaking. 
Because these are mimicing the mouse and movement in some way, there needs to be a dead zone in the axis otherwise you will have no real control. I put at 55%. 

external image ps311_zpsce014fcd.jpg 

Button Controls:

  • Triangle: I (Inventory)
  • Square: E (for communicating with NPC and picking up items)
  • Circle: Space (for Jumping)
  • Cross: R (for ultimate attack and picking up everything
  • Select: M (Map)
  • Start: H (Horse/Mount)
  • L1: Right Alt (Exit Menus)
  • L2: Mouse Right Button (Attack with magic)
  • R1: Left Shift (Sprinting)
  • R2: Mouse Left Button (Attack with Weapon)


  • UP: Q (Quick slot)
  • DOWN: Comma (Forgot what that was for)
  • LEFT: 1 (magic ability slot#1)
  • RIGHT: 2 (magic ability slot#2)

The unfortunate thing about using a controller is that you have to be VERY selective in what abilities you are going to use. But once you get things all set, you hardly have to use the keyboard and mouse, although you still will from time to time. 

There is also a bit of an issue with your Toon suddenly dodging on you. Unfortunately I haven't figured out how to stop this yet. It can get a little annoying so be aware it does happen.

How to use an Xbox 360 Controller on PC

Are you tired of sitting in front of a keybaord having to rest your arms on a desk to enjoy your new MMO? Are your hands and wrists hurting from slaving away all day crafting new gear for you and your friends? Do you ever feel like you just don't belong? If any of this sounds like your life, then we have a solution for you! Here on Fextralife we strive to make your gaming experience better than it is. We're going to bring to you a whole new way to play The Elder Scrolls Online. 

Here are the steps you'll need to take in order to play ESO with an Xbox 360 controller:

  1. Make sure you own a PC.
  2. Make sure you paid for your ISP this month
  3. Buy The Elder Scrolls Online
  4. Buy a wired Xbox controller. If you choose to use a wireless controller you may use a wireless dongle like the ones in these links: US Amazon / UK Amazon
  5. Download a third party program like Xpadder (which I am currently using myself) that will allow you to set up your button mapping. (It will cost you $10, but if you game as much as I do, it's worth it). I've tried multiple other programs and this one is the best of them. If you wish for a free program because you can't afford $10, then you need to get a job. JK srsly though....get a job. HA! Real talk though, if you wish for a free one, I can help with the setup of those as well, but you will be VERY limited on what you can do.

If you would like to save your self 5-10minutes of setup, you can download the mapping profile that I use here via mediafire
Or here directly from wiki 

In order for these binds to work with Xpadder, you will have to go into the game control settings and change a few binds. It's best if you use the secondary bind so that you can still use your keyboard and mouse if you feel like it. 

Here is the Key to your Keys (huehuehue, get it?):

  • Left Stick - W A S D(movement)
  • Left Stick press - Left Ctrl (crouch)
  • Right Stick - Mouse cursor/look around
  • Right Stick press - V (POV, Change from first person to 3rd)
  • Left Trigger - Toggle between Set 1/2
  • Right Trigger - Left click
  • Left Bumper - Right click
  • Right Bumper - Left Shift (sprint)
  • LT+Right Bumper - 6 (allows you to roll without double tapping a direction, need to change in bindings and gameplay)
  • X - Actionbar 1
  • A - Actionbar 2
  • B - Actionbar 3
  • LT+X - Actionbar 4
  • LT+A - Actionbar 5
  • LT+B - R
  • Y / LT+Y - Space Bar (jump)
  • Dpad Up - E (action button)
  • Dpad Left - H (mount horse)
  • Dpad Right - Q (quick menu)
  • Dpad Down - F (interact with players)
  • LT+Dpad Left - Z (sheath weapons)
  • LT+Dpad Right - X
  • LT+Dpad Down - ` (weapon swap)
  • Start - I (inventory)
  • Back - M (map)
  • LT+Start - C (char menu)
  • LT+Back - K (skills)

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