Housing Decoration is an upcoming feature to Elder Scrolls Online, due to be implemented with Player Housing in February 2017.


Housing Decoration Overview

No two player-decorated home interiors will be identical in Homestead. You can put your own personal touch on every home you own by crafting or buying furniture and decorations, and you can place them wherever you like with the game's new Housing Editor. Some homes even have outdoor spaces that you can decorate! Let your imagination run free and create a place to call your own like no other in Tamriel.

You will be able to either craft or buy new furniture and decorations for your house and can use the housing editor to move them all around. Some homes will feature outdoor real estate that can be further customized. There will be over 2,000 decorative items running the range from tables and chairs to books and plants.  You can fill your home with furnishings that include (but are not limited to) tables and chairs, chests, armoires, beds, bars, and counters. Once your furniture is in place, you can put the finishing touches on your home with decorative items such as books, food, barrels, paintings, light fixtures, plants, trees, and more. The possibilities are limitless.

ESO Housing

Obtaining Decorations

You'll be able to obtain decor via the following:

  • Collecting busts from Veteran Arenas, Dungeons and Trials (retroactive)
  • Crafting them using existing Skills
  • Purchasing them with gold from Home Goods Furnishers
  • Purchasing unusual items from the Achievement Furnisher after completing specific questing achievements (retroactive)
  • Purchasing rare and expensive premium goods from the Luxury Furnisher,  for sale for limited times
  • Buying them in the Crown Store

Additional items you will be albe to place in your home:

  • Crafting stations
  • Target skeletons for rotation practice
  • Light fixtures
  • Pets
  • Assistants
  • Mounts

Using the Housing Editor

Once you obtain a decoration, you can use the housing editor to move them all around. Some homes will feature outdoor real estate that can be further customized.

The housing editor contains multiple tabs and categories for ease of asset selection.

  • The Place tab allows you to place furnishings and collectibles from a categorized list of available options.
  • The Purchase tab contains a large list of furnishings available for a la carte crown purchase.
    • Nearly every item in the Purchase tab is also available via crafting or from other in-game sources with a few exceptions for items found exclusively in Crown Store bundles.
  • In addition to directly selecting any placed items in editor mode, you may also retrieve placed furnishings from a list of placed items in the Retrieve tab of the editor, without needing to locate them in the home.
  • You can also search each tab by item name to further filter your results.

You will also be able to grant trusted friends permission to decorate existing placed items in your home (they cannot add or remove items from your home), and allow those who are not on your friends list or in your guilds to visit and/or decorate your home by adding them as a “Visitor” or “Decorator” in your House Settings.

Furniture Crafting is also another announced feature. It will enable players to create their own custom furnishings for their dwellings, presumably with usage of regular crafting materials and special motifs for styles.

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