An Enchanter in the Elder Scrolls Online gathers Runes found throughout the world. They can then be used at Enchanting Tables to assemble Glyphs, which are enchantments that can be applied to Jewelery, Armor or Weapons. See Glyphs for their usage.



Please see the Runes page for a detailed list of all the available runes and their properties.

  • Potency ( Square) determines the level of the item that can be enchanted with the glyph. There are Additive Potency and Subtractive Potency runes.
  • Aspect ( Circle ) determines the strength of the enchantment (within the range for the level of the enchanted item),
  • Essence ( truncated Triangle) will determine the magical effect each of which can be used for only one of the kinds of glyph, weapon, armor, or jewelry.

An enchanter can collect and combine runes, one of each type, to translate their hidden language into a description of their magical properties.

Potency Rune.jpg Aspect Rune.jpg Essence Rune.jpg




Enchanters create Glyphs by combining runes of three different types: Potency, Aspect and Essence. They can then create Armor, Weapon and Jewelery glyphs depending on unlocked skills and available materials.

Please see the Glyphs page for a detailed list of all available glyphs.

Runes can also be extracted from Glyphs by opening the "Extraction" tab at an enchanting table. Chose a Glyph from your Inventory to perform an extraction. Remember that performing the extraction process will destroy the Glyph.


Enchanting Tips

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