Eastmarch is a Location in Elder Scrolls Online.Stretches from the frozen, jagged northern coastline into southern's Skyrim's volcanic tundra. The area features quests from level 31-37, 16 Skyshards and 5 achievements (Exploration, Quests, Fishing, Locales, Skyshards). Crafting materials ?? ?? , Reagents and Runes are available here.

Eastmarch Information

  • Faction: Ebonheart Pact
  • Previous Zone: Shadowfen
  • Next Zone: The Rift
  • Questing Levels: 31-37
  • Number of Quests: ?
  • Number of Achievements: 3

Crafting Materials

  • Reagents: ?
  • Ore: ?
  • Cloth: ?
  • Runes: ?
  • Wood:?
  • Provisions: ?



Dungeons.pngPublic Dungeons

  • The Bastard's Tomb
  • The Chill Hollow
  • Direfrost Keep
  • The Frigid Grotto 
  • Icehammer's Vault 
  • Old Sord's Cave
  • Stormcrag Crypt

Dark Anchor.pngDark Anchors

  • Frostwater Tundra Dolmen
  • Giant's Run Dolmen
  • Icewind Peaks Dolmen

Group Boss.pngElite Spawns

  • Ammabani's Pride
  • Dragon Mound
  • Dragon's Hallow
  • Rageclaw's Den
  • Ratmaster's Prowl
  • Swiftblade's Camp

Group Dungeon.pngGroup Dungeon

  • Hall of the Dead










Eastmarch Dungeons


Eastmarch Treasure Map

Eastmarch Skyshards

Eastmarch Mundus Stones


Eastmarch song of lamae set


Eastmarch vampires kiss Set



Eastmarch Quests



 Saergnar, Pact soldier:
“I never saw an Argonian look happier. I swear I saw him smile as soon as we crested the ridge and he laid eyes on the mineral pools. I can't stand the smell of them, much less the heat, but he walked as fast as he could without breaking into a run and practically hopped right in.
It was I who asked the Commander if we could set up nearby overnight, since we'd been making good time and all. Guess I felt bad for Counts-His-Teeth, so far away from his swamp and having to tromp around in the snow. Everyone misses home when they're away, and I think the Argonians might miss it more than anyone.”

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