Blackheart Haven is the final 4-man dungeon in Elder Scrolls Online for players of the Daggerfall Covenant. It is located in the northwestern end of Bangkorai.

Veteran Walkthrough & Strategies

Blackheart Haven is pirate-infested dungeon that will keep the Tanks and Healers busy with the large amounts of damage and heavy attacks going about.


Boss Mechanics:

  • Heavy melee attacks that can knock you down if not blocked
  • AOE whirlwinds around himself that are easy to escape
  • Number of ads

Strategy: Kill the ads quickly. After that it is a straightforward fight. 


Boss Mechanics:

  • Cone AOE that spews poisonous acid at the players
  • Stomp AOE knockdown (360 degrees)
  • Charges towards the tank occasionally (indicated by red path)
  • Heals himself back to 50% once after his health drops below 30%.


  • Avoid the AOE attacks by simply walking away
  • Move out of the path of the Charge
  • Continue to attack after he regains his health back to 50%


First Mate Wavecutter

Boss Mechanics:

  • Harpies (ads) that deal ranged attacks which can damage you severely
  • Shadow Volley that deals severe magic damage to all players (up to 50% loss of health)
  • Heavy attack that can knock you down if not blocked
  • AOE whirlwinds (360 degrees) around himself that are easy to escape

Strategy: There are 2 ways to handle this boss. The First is to ignore the ads and just go all out Rambo on the boss. The Second is to kill the ads one by one (however there is high risk of wiping out in the process this way). 

Roost Mother

Boss Mechanics:

  • Fiery tornado targeting the Tank that can deal heavy damage.
  • Rain of Fireballs that fall on expanding red circles on the ground. (Heavy damage)
  • Frontal Cone AOE fire-breathing that can be difficult to avoid if you are standing in front of the Roost Mother.
  • Random teleportation around the room


  • The Fiery Tornado attack can be expected when the Roost Mother becomes surrounded by bats. The tank should step away from the boss when this happens to avoid being hit by this attack. This fight will have all players move around A LOT.
  • Stay away from the red circles on the ground as fireballs will drop from the sky into those areas. You do not want to be hit by one of them.
  • Keep moving around the room to deal damage to the boss (preferably from behind her so as to avoid the Frontal Cone AOE).


Hollow Heart

Boss Mechanics:

  • Ice projectiles that are fired in front of her and leave behind icy patches that slowly deal damage over time.

Strategy: The boss is not difficult to handle. Tank should keep the boss focused away from the rest of the group to ensure the others are not hit by the Ice Projectiles. 

Captain Blackheart

Boss Mechanics:

  • 6 Skeleton ads which includes archers
  • 360 degree slash attack that is very quick but does little damage
  • The tank gets pulled to the Boss and converted into a skeleton at some point during the fight. Tank loses all ability to fight during that phase.


  • Kill all the ads, prioritise the archers to avoid being overwhelmed
  • Tank should keep the boss aggro'd as long as possible before he gets converted into a skeleton


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Blackheart Haven Information


  • Blackheart Haven: Defeat Akash gra-Mal, Chokethorn, and Canonreeve Oraneth.
  • Veteran Blackheart Haven: Defeat Dark root, Murklight and Bogdan the Nightflame.
  • Veteran Blackheart Haven Banekin: Kill banekin in Veteran Blackheart Haven.
  • Veteran Blackheart Haven Lurchers: Kill lurchers in Veteran Blackheart Haven.
  • Veteran Blackheart Haven Speed: Defeat Bogdan the Nightflame within twenty minutes of starting Veteran Blackheart Haven.
  • Veteran Blackheart Haven Undaunted: Defeat Bogdan the Nightflame after reading the Opus of Torment.


Blackheart Haven Map



Set Drop

NPCs in the area

  • Captain Blackheart (Pirate Boss)
  • Iron-Heel (Pirate)
  • First Mate Wavecutter (Pirate)
  • Granier Cornillac

Notable Items

  • Martha's Journal


  • Haven Archer
  • Haven Sinker
  • Haven Slip-Knife
  • Haven Bruiser
  • Sea Hound
  • Atarus – Ogrim
  • Bone Colossi
  • Captain Blackheart
  • First Mate Wavecutter – Pirate
  • Granier Cornillac
  • Harpies
  • Hags
  • Iron-Heel – Argonian Pirate Boss
  • Hollow Heart (Wraith)
  • Roost Mother – Hagraven
  • Sea Hounds

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