Alik'r Desert is a Location in Elder Scrolls Online.An arid wasteland where ancient ruins and deadly creatures lie hidden in the shifting sands. This area is designed for questing at levels 31-37 and has 16 Skyshards and 3 achivements (explore, quests, skyshards). The resources: ??, Reagents and Runes can be gathered here.

Alik'r Desert Information

Crafting Materials

  • Reagents: ?
  • Ore: ?
  • Cloth: ?
  • Runes: ?
  • Wood:?
  • Provisions: ?

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Alik'r Desert Quests



external image Breton%20medium%20armor.png?v2
Inscription found in ruins of an ancient shelter for travelers:
Rest in safety, wayfarer. Ruptga watches over you here.
Find shelter from sand and sun, drink cool waters.
Reflect on the day’s travel as you prepare for the next.
Find sleep in the house built by your fathers
Who drove out the hordes, washing clean your way.

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