Khajiit Style is a craftable armor and weapon style in Elder Scrolls Online.

Motif.pngRacial Motifs 7: Khajiit

Gem Needed Moonstone
Location Desks, Dressers, Backpacks, Trunks, Nightstands & Wardrobes (In all zones)
Level required to learn MetalworkingTailoring or Woodworking level 1
Sets in this Style Robes of Alteration MasteryShrouded Armor and Soulshine

Heavy Armor


Khajiit Helm Iron.png Khajiit Pauldrons Iron.png Khajiit Cuirass Iron.png Khajiit Girdle Iron.png Khajiit Gauntlets Iron.png Khajiit Greaves Iron.png Khajiit Sabatons Iron.png 


Khajiit Helm Steel.png Khajiit Pauldrons Steel.png Khajiit Cuirass Steel.png Khajiit Girdle Steel.png Khajiit Gauntlets Steel.png Khajiit Greaves Steel.png Khajiit Sabatons Steel.png 


Khajiit Helm Orichalcum.png Khajiit Pauldrons Orichalcum.png Khajiit Cuirass Orichalcum.png Khajiit Girdle Orichalcum.png Khajiit Gauntlets Orichalcum.png Khajiit Greaves Orichalcum.png Khajiit Sabatons Orichalcum.png 


Khajiit Helm Dwarven.png Khajiit Pauldrons Dwarven.png Khajiit Cuirass Dwarven.png Khajiit Girdle Dwarven.png Khajiit Gauntlets Dwarven.png Khajiit Greaves Dwarven.png Khajiit Sabatons Dwarven.png 


Medium Armor


Khajiit Helmet Rawhide.png Khajiit Arm Cops Rawhide.png Khajiit Jack Rawhide.png Khajiit Belt Rawhide.png Khajiit Bracers Rawhide.png Khajiit Guards Rawhide.png Khajiit Boots Rawhide.png 


Khajiit Helmet Hide.png Khajiit Arm Cops Hide.png Khajiit Jack Hide.png Khajiit Belt Hide.png Khajiit Bracers Hide.png Khajiit Guards Hide.png Khajiit Boots Hide.png 


Khajiit Helmet Leather.png Khajiit Arm Cops Leather.png Khajiit Jack Leather.png Khajiit Belt Leather.png Khajiit Bracers Leather.png Khajiit Guards Leather.png Khajiit Boots Leather.png 

Thick Leather

Khajiit Helmet Thick Leather.png Khajiit Arm Cops Thick Leather.png Khajiit Jack Thick Leather.png Khajiit Belt Thick Leather.png Khajiit Bracers Thick Leather.png Khajiit Guards Thick Leather.png Khajiit Boots Thick Leather.png 


Light Armor


Khajiit Hat Jute.png Khajiit Epaulets Jute.png Khajiit Robe Jute.png Khajiit Jerkin Jute.png Khajiit Sash Jute.png Khajiit Gloves Jute.png Khajiit Breeches Jute.png Khajiit Shoes Jute.png 


Khajiit Hat Flax.png Khajiit Epaulets Flax.png Khajiit Robe Flax.png Khajiit Jerkin Flax.png Khajiit Sash Flax.png Khajiit Gloves Flax.png Khajiit Breeches Flax.png Khajiit Shoes Flax.png 


Khajiit Hat Cotton.png Khajiit Epaulets Cotton.png Khajiit Robe Cotton.png Khajiit Jerkin Cotton.png Khajiit Sash Cotton.png Khajiit Gloves Cotton.png Khajiit Breeches Cotton.png Khajiit Shoes Cotton.png 


Khajiit Hat Spidersilk.png Khajiit Epaulets Spidersilk.png Khajiit Robe Spidersilk.png Khajiit Jerkin Spidersilk.png Khajiit Sash Spidersilk.png Khajiit Gloves Spidersilk.png Khajiit Breeches Spidersilk.png Khajiit Shoes Spidersilk.png


Weapons and Shield


Khajiit Sword Iron.png Khajiit Axe Iron.png Khajiit Mace Iron.png Khajiit Dagger Iron.png Khajiit Greatsword Iron.png Khajiit Battle Axe Iron.png Khajiit Maul Iron.png Khajiit Shield Maple.png Khajiit Bow Maple.png Khajiit Staff Maple.png 


Khajiit Sword Steel.png Khajiit Axe Steel.png Khajiit Mace Steel.png Khajiit Dagger Steel.png Khajiit Greatsword Steel.png Khajiit Battle Axe Steel.png Khajiit Maul Steel.png Khajiit Shield Oak.png Khajiit Bow Oak.png Khajiit Staff Oak.png 


Khajiit Sword Orichalcum.png Khajiit Axe Orichalcum.png Khajiit Mace Orichalcum.png Khajiit Dagger Orichalcum.png Khajiit Greatsword Orichalcum.png Khajiit Battle Axe Orichalcum.png Khajiit Maul Orichalcum.png Khajiit Shield Beech.png Khajiit Bow Beech.png Khajiit Staff Beech.png 


Khajiit Sword Dwarven.png Khajiit Axe Dwarven.png Khajiit Mace Dwarven.png Khajiit Dagger Dwarven.png Khajiit Greatsword Dwarven.png Khajiit Battle Axe Dwarven.png Khajiit Maul Dwarven.png Khajiit Shield Hickory.png Khajiit Bow Hickory.png Khajiit Staff Hickory.png 


Khajiit Style Gallery




Khajiit Motif Books


(Dr. Lupus was Imperial Ethnographer for Potentate Savirien-Chorak from 2E 418 to 431)

When I went to the professor's townhouse this morning, my first priority was to apologize to Divayth, but Seif-ij told me he was out—he'd gone somewhere from the portal chamber, using an incantation and leaving nothing behind but a burnt smell. Onward, I told myself: work will take your mind off it. So I went looking for Morian.

I found the old dear at breakfast, just finishing his sweet roll and chal. When I entered the kitchen, he nearly knocked over his mug in his haste to stand up and bow! I told him I wanted to make some notes on the Khajiit and asked him if he knew any of the Cat-Folk, as I did not. He said he knew exactly the person I needed and would be delighted to help me, since "that irascible Telvanni" had taken the day off.

I had often passed the seasonal camp of the Baandari Pedlars outside the Market Gate but had never gone in—residual caution from my father's warnings keeping me out, I suppose, as well as the pungent scent. Besides, I've always been a dog person. But Morian plunged right in without hesitation and led me to a pavilion adorned with colorful prayer-flags. I followed Morian into the tent, where he introduced me to Madame Shizahi-jo, whom he said was a Khajiiti sorceress devoted to Azurah and Magrus. Though sitting in lotus position, she bowed politely—the Cat-Folk are lissome—gestured to a pair of seat cushions, and asked how "this one" could be of service.

We had a long and lovely chat. There are superficial similarities between the motifs and designs of the Khajiit and the Redguards, perhaps because they both inhabit hot, arid environments, but where the Redguards favor long, flowing curves, the Cat-Folk are devoted to circular and crescentiform moon-shapes. The shapes of Masser and Secunda in all their phases appear everywhere on Khajiiti clothing and ornaments. The falcate sliver of the crescent moon also brings to mind the Khajiiti claws that spring from pads in their hands and feet, a subtle but ever-present threat to softer folk.

Shizahi-jo made us some tea—sticky sweet, like all Khajiiti food and drink—then asked to see the leaves in the bottom of my cup. She stirred them with her pinky-claw, and said now she saw the object of my concern: I'd let my fear cloud my longing and darken my heart. I blurted something about how Divayth had tried to kiss me, and Morian dropped his cup, splattering poor Shizahi.

I thought he was going to explode in rage, but instead this sad look came over him, and then he began pouring out his heart about his feelings for me. It was so sweet of him. I was really quite moved. The Khajiiti mage made a discreet exit, and we stayed on her cushions, talking, for what seemed like hours.

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