Redguard Style is a craftable armor and weapon style in Elder Scrolls Online.

Motif.pngCrafting Motifs 6: Redguard

Gem Needed Starmetal
Location Desks, Dressers, Backpacks, Trunks, Nightstands & Wardrobes (In all zones)
Level required to learn MetalworkingTailoring or Woodworking level ??
Sets in this Style AdroitnessEleganceDesert RoseMorag TongTwin SistersIce FurnaceDurok's Bane and Sergeant's Mail


Heavy Armor


Redguard Helm Iron.png Redguard Cuirass Iron.png Redguard Greaves Iron.png Redguard Pauldrons Iron.png Redguard Gauntlets Iron.png Redguard Girdle Iron.png Redguard Sabatons Iron.png 


Redguard Helm Steel.png Redguard Cuirass Steel.png Redguard Greaves Steel.png Redguard Pauldrons Steel.png Redguard Gauntlets Steel.png Redguard Girdle Steel.png Redguard Sabatons Steel.png 


Redguard Helm Orichalcum.png Redguard Cuirass Orichalcum.png Redguard Greaves Orichalcum.png Redguard Pauldrons Orichalcum.png Redguard Gauntlets Orichalcum.png Redguard Girdle Orichalcum.png Redguard Sabatons Orichalcum.png 


Redguard Helm Dwarven.png Redguard Cuirass Dwarven.png Redguard Greaves Dwarven.png Redguard Pauldrons Dwarven.png Redguard Gauntlets Dwarven.png Redguard Girdle Dwarven.png Redguard Sabatons Dwarven.png 



Medium Armor


Redguard Helmet Rawhide.png Redguard Jack Rawhide.png Redguard Guards Rawhide.png Redguard Arm Cops Rawhide.png Redguard Bracers Rawhide.png Redguard Belt Rawhide.png Redguard Boots Rawhide.png 


Redguard Helmet Hide.png Redguard Jack Hide.png Redguard Guards Hide.png Redguard Arm Cops Hide.png Redguard Bracers Hide.png Redguard Belt Hide.png Redguard Boots Hide.png 


Redguard Helmet Leather.png Redguard Jack Leather.png Redguard Guards Leather.png Redguard Arm Cops Leather.png Redguard Bracers Leather.png Redguard Belt Leather.png Redguard Boots Leather.png 

Thick Leather

Redguard Helmet Thick Leather.png Redguard Jack Thick Leather.png Redguard Guards Thick Leather.png Redguard Arm Cops Thick Leather.png Redguard Bracers Thick Leather.png Redguard Belt Thick Leather.png Redguard Boots Thick Leather.png 


Light Armor


Redguard Hat Jute.png Redguard Robe Jute.png Redguard Jerkin Jute.png Redguard Breeches Jute.png Redguard Epaulets Jute.png Redguard Gloves Jute.png Redguard Sash Jute.png Redguard Shoes Jute.png


Redguard Hat Flax.png Redguard Robe Flax.png Redguard Jerkin Flax.png Redguard Breeches Flax.png Redguard Epaulets Flax.png Redguard Gloves Flax.png Redguard Sash Flax.png Redguard Shoes Flax.png


Redguard Hat Cotton.png Redguard Robe Cotton.png Redguard Jerkin Cotton.png Redguard Breeches Cotton.png Redguard Epaulets Cotton.png Redguard Gloves Cotton.png Redguard Sash Cotton.png Redguard Shoes Cotton.png


Redguard Hat Spidersilk.png Redguard Robe Spidersilk.png Redguard Jerkin Spidersilk.png Redguard Breeches Spidersilk.png Redguard Epaulets Spidersilk.png Redguard Gloves Spidersilk.png Redguard Sash Spidersilk.png Redguard Shoes Spidersilk.png 


Weapons and Shield

Iron & Maple

Redguard Sword Iron.png Redguard Axe Iron.png Redguard Mace Iron.png Redguard Dagger Iron.png Redguard Greatsword Iron.png Redguard Battle Axe Iron.png Redguard Maul Iron.png Redguard Bow Maple.png Redguard Staff Maple.png Redguard Shield Maple.png 

Steel & Oak

Redguard Sword Steel.png Redguard Axe Steel.png Redguard Mace Steel.png Redguard Dagger Steel.png Redguard Greatsword Steel.png Redguard Battle Axe Steel.png Redguard Maul Steel.png Redguard Bow Oak.png Redguard Staff Oak.png Redguard Shield Oak.png 

Orichalcum & Beech

Redguard Sword Orichalcum.png Redguard Axe Orichalcum.png Redguard Mace Orichalcum.png Redguard Dagger Orichalcum.png Redguard Greatsword Orichalcum.png Redguard Battle Axe Orichalcum.png Redguard Maul Orichalcum.png Redguard Bow Beech.png Redguard Staff Beech.png Redguard Shield Beech.png 

Dwarven & Hickory

Redguard Sword Dwarven.png Redguard Axe Dwarven.png Redguard Mace Dwarven.png Redguard Dagger Dwarven.png Redguard Greatsword Dwarven.png Redguard Battle Axe Dwarven.png Redguard Maul Dwarven.png Redguard Bow Hickory.png Redguard Staff Hickory.png Redguard Shield Hickory.png

Calcinium & Birch

Redguard Sword Calcinium.png Redguard Axe Calcinium.png Redguard Mace Calcinium.png Redguard Dagger Calcinium.png Redguard Greatsword Calcinium.png Redguard Battle Axe Calcinium.png Redguard Maul Calcinium.png Redguard Bow Birch.png Redguard_Staff_Birch.png Redguard Shield Birch.png 


Redguard Style Gallery




Redguard Motif Books


(Dr. Lupus was Imperial Ethnographer for Potentate Savirien-Chorakfrom 2E 418 to 431)

When I arrived at Morian's townhouse this morning all was sunshine and rainbows—Divayth and the professor were chatting over mugs of chal like best friends, comparing Ralliballah's Eleven Ritual Forms to the Book of Most Arcane Covenants. I reminded Divayth that he'd promised to escort me to the Yokudan Chapel in the Market District, at which Morian's brow clouded over slightly, but then he smiled and said that was fine, as he wanted to test some new hyperagonal media in his laboratory.

(And maybe it was the light, but to me both men looked … younger, somehow. I must keep in mind that they're both highly capable wizards, which I suppose might include knowledge of illusion magic. Or perhaps I flatter myself.)

I met a number of knowledgeable Redguards at the chapel, all exhibiting that dignity and polite reserve I associate with the better-educated members of that people. The Most-Revered Zirumir, a Priest ofTu'whacca (I hope I spelled that right), was particularly helpful.

As Zirumir pointed out, both the Redguards' ancient home of Yokuda and their current province ofHammerfell are (or were, in the case of Yokuda) deserts. To stay cool, and for protection from the elements, Redguard clothing tends to be light, long and flowing, and these flowing curves are carried into their artisanal designs. Their robes and armor are often accented by flared curves at joints and on headgear. Even their swords tend to be curved.

In contrast their architecture appears rather heavy, though on close inspection this is mainly for the purpose of insulation from the desert's extremes of temperature. Zirumir showed me the chapel's clever system of louvered ventilation ducts in the clerestory, designed to catch the slightest breeze and funnel it down into the nave.

After Zirumir was called away to tend to one of his congregation, Divayth and I strolled into the apse to view the eight shrines to the Yokudan Divines. Divayth was explaining that whereas the Forebears of Hammerfell often worship the Cyrodilic Divines brought to them by the Reman Empire, these were the traditional gods worshiped by the more conservative Crown Redguards. Suddenly, behind the beehive shrine to Morwha, he turned to me with those blazing eyes, took my hands between his, and told me he thought me the most brilliant and desirable woman in the Imperial City. My breath caught in my throat, and my heart was hammering. But when he moved as if to embrace me I was suddenly frightened—I backed away, shaking my head, then fled out into the nave. I fear I quite startled a young family of Redguards placing candles on Morwha's altar.

Now what? I'm afraid I must have insulted Divayth terribly. How can I make it up to him? And dare I mention it to Morian? Julianos' little teapot, what a dilemma!

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