The Crown Store was added with Tamriel Unlimited on March 17th, 2015. It added new cosmetics, pets, mounts, convenience items such as repair kits, potions and soul gems, and the chance to purchase the Imperial Race. The currency for this store is known as "Crowns" Crowns.png. Players opting to maintain their subscription (or to subscribe) will gain an allowance of 1500 Crowns per month. You can also purchase Crown Packs directly from the store (see table below). Below is a list of all store items as they appear in the store (work in progress). 

Available Crown Packs

Amount of Crowns Price in $ Price in € crowns per $ ratio crowns per € ratio
750Crowns.png 7.99$   ~94Crowns.png/$  
1500Crowns.png 14.99$   ~100Crowns.png/$  
3000Crowns.png 24.99$   ~120Crowns.png/$  
5500Crowns.png 39.99$   ~138Crowns.png/$  

Bundles Costumes 

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Currently there are two bundles available in the Crown Store. The Digital Imperial Edition Upgrade and the Starter Pack. The Digital Imperial Edition Upgrade will allow you to play as the Imperial Race and also grants you the Pledge of Mara, allowing you to marry another player and gain xp faster while near them. The Starter Pack simply grants you a mount, a pet and a bunch of potions to get you going.

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