Walkthrough for The Elder Scrolls Online. This page has questing by zone and alliance. You can find the quests page as well with similar information. Videoguides contributed by AyinMaiden.


ESO allows players to progress through the game at their own page. You may unlock skill points and achievements by completing quests in each area, but there are also places to investigate, materials to gether for crafting and enemies to defeat for loot. Below, we provide you a progression list for each faction, leading to unlocking of Cadwell's Silver.


The DLC areas may be accessed at anytime, and you will find yourself buffed to the enemies and materials scaled to yourself. If you have progression questions, see the Champion System page to understand how leveling works after level 50.

Aldmeri Dominion

  1. Khenarthi's Roost Quests

  2. Auridon Quests

  3. Grahtwood Quests

  4. Greenshade Quests

  5. Malabal Tor Quests

  6. Reaper's March Quests

  7. Coldharbour Quests

Daggerfall Covenant

  1. Stros M'Kai Quests

  2. Betnikh Quests

  3. Glenumbra Quests

  4. Stormhaven Quests

  5. Rivenspire Quests

  6. Alik'r Desert Quests

  7. Bangkorai Quests

  8. Coldharbour Quests


Ebonheart Pact

  1. Stonefalls Quests

  2. Deshaan Quests

  3. Shadowfen Quests

  4. Eastmarch Quests

  5. Coldharbour Quests

DLC & Other

  1. Gold Coast Quests

  2. Hew's Bane Quests

  3. Wrothgar Quests

  4. Imperial City Quests

  5. Cyrodiil Quests

  6. Craglorn Quests

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