MMOs allow players to role-play and act their emotions via their characters by enabling gesturing that can be performed via / commands. The Elder Scrolls Online has an extensive lists of emotes, detailed below. On PS4 and XboxOne, you can use the emotes by entering the chat window or by slotting them via the quickslot window. See the controls page for details.

Emotes in ESO

The following emotes were added with Update 3

  • /attention
  • /dancebreton
  • /dancealtmer, /dancehighelf
  • /danceargonian
  • /dancebosmer, /woodelf
  • /dancedunmer, /dancedarkelf
  • /danceimperial
  • /dancekhajiit
  • /dancenord
  • /danceorc
  • /danceredguard
  • /drink3
  • /eat4
  • /idle
  • /idle2
  • /idle3
  • /idle4
  • /idle5
  • /juggleflame
  • /leanbackcoin
  • /lookup
  • /rake
  • /sad
  • /spit
  • /stomp
  • /sweep


/angry /cuckoo /handtoheart /pointdown /situps
/annoyed /curtsey /headache /pointleft /sleep
/applaud /dance /headscratch /pointright /stagger
/approve /dancedrunk /heartbroken /pointup /stop
/armscrossed /disapprove /hello /poke /stretch
/beckon /disgust /huh /pour /surprised
/beg /dismiss /humble /pray /surrender
/beggar /doom /impatient /preen /tap
/bestowblessing /downcast /jumpingjacks /push /taunt
/bless /drink /kiss /pushup /thank
/blowkiss /drum /kneel /pushups /thanks
/boo /drunk /kneelpray /rally /thankyou
/bored /dustoff /knock /ritual /threaten
/bow /eat /kowtow /rubhands /thumbsdown
/breathless /exasperated /laugh /rude /thumbsup
/brushoff /facepalm /leanback /saluteloop /tilt
/bucketsplash /faint /leanside /scared /torch
/celebrate /fistpump /leaveme /scratch /touch
/cheer /flirt /lol /search /twiddle
/clap /flute /lute /shakefist /wagfinger
/cold /followme /me /shh /wand
/come /goaway /no /shieldeyes /wave
/comehere /grats /nod /shout /welcome
/confused /greet /overhere /shovel /whisper
/congrats /hail /payme /shrug /whistle
/congratulate /hammer /phew /sick /write
/controlrod /hammerlow /playdead /sigh  
/cower /hammerwall /point /sit /yes
/crouch /handsonhips /pointback /sitchair /you
/horn /cry      



A fan contest was held via youtube to select emotes and external image arrow-10x10.png were announced on the official site.

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