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List of Steam IDs for players in The Elder Scrolls Online. Feel free to add yourself to this list, and find players who have similar interests or objectives in-game! Also see Player Guilds to find a new in-game home. 

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Date Name server details
  John West    
17/07/15 Nano Joule EU In game name joshbigmacintosh354, I'm a Dragon knight imperial who is part of the ebonheart pact my charter is based around tanking feel free to add me and we can do dungeons or something like that or I would also like to join a guild which is often active and do dungeons often. I don't mind trading with people also if you want to trade. I tend to play this game as often as I can. but at this moment I am focusing on leveling up my charter. so I can help people finish quests I am around too

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