Barbaric Style is a craftable armor and weapon style in Elder Scrolls Online.

Crafting Motifs 12: The Barbarics

Gem Needed Copper
Location Desks, Dressers, Backpacks, Trunks, Nightstands & Wardrobes (In all zones)
Level required to learn MetalworkingTailoring or Woodworking level 7
Sets in this Style Armor of Rage


Heavy Armor

Barbaric Helm.png Barbaric Pauldrons.png Barbaric Cuirass.png Barbaric Girdle.png Barbaric Gauntlets.png Barbaric Greaves.png Barbaric Sabatons.png


Medium Armor

Barbaric Helmet.png Barbaric Arm Cops.png Barbaric Jack.png Barbaric Belt.png Barbaric Bracers.png Barbaric Guards.png Barbaric Boots.png


Light Armor

Barbaric Hat.png Barbaric Epaulets.png Barbaric Robe.png Barbaric Jerkin.png Barbaric Sash.png Barbaric Gloves.png Barbaric Breeches.png Barbaric Shoes.png


Weapons and Shield

Tier 1

Barbaric Sword Iron.png Barbaric Axe Iron.png Barbaric Mace Iron.png Barbaric Dagger Iron.png Barbaric Greatsword Iron.png Barbaric Battle Axe Iron.png Barbaric Maul Iron.png Barbaric Shield Maple.png Barbaric Bow Maple.png Barbaric Staff Maple.png 

Tier 2

Barbaric Sword Orichalcum.png Barbaric Axe Orichalcum.png Barbaric Mace Orichalcum.png Barbaric Dagger Orichalcum.png Barbaric Greatsword Orichalcum.png Barbaric Battle Axe Orichalcum.png Barbaric Maul Orichalcum.png Barbaric Shield Beech.png Barbaric Bow Beech.png Barbaric Staff Beech.png 

Tier 3

Barbaric Sword Dwarven.png Barbaric Axe Dwarven.png Barbaric Mace Dwarven.png Barbaric Dagger Dwarven.png Barbaric Greatsword Dwarven.png Barbaric Battle Axe Dwarven.png Barbaric Maul Dwarven.png Barbaric Shield Hickory.png Barbaric Bow Hickory.png Barbaric Staff Hickory.png


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