Primal Style is a craftable armor and weapon style in Elder Scrolls Online.

Motif.pngCrafting Motifs 13: Primal

Gem Needed Argentum
Location Desks, Dressers, Backpacks, Trunks, Nightstands & Wardrobes (In Cadwell's silver area for your faction)
Level required to learn MetalworkingTailoring or Woodworking level 6
Sets in this Style Hide of the WerewolfBarkskin and Hawk's Eye


Heavy Armor

Primal Helm.png Primal Pauldrons.png Primal Cuirass.png Primal Girdle.png Primal Gauntlets.png Primal Greaves.png Primal Sabatons.png


Medium Armor

Primal Helmet.png Primal Arm Cops.png Primal Jack.png Primal Belt.png Primal Bracers.png Primal Guards.png Primal Boots.png


Light Armor

Primal Hat.png Primal Epaulets.png Primal Robe.png Primal Jerkin.png Primal Sash.png Primal Gloves.png Primal Breeches.png Primal Shoes.png


Weapons and Shield

Tier 1

Primal Sword Iron.png Primal Axe Iron.png Primal Mace Iron.png Primal Dagger Iron.png Primal Greatsword Iron.png Primal Battle Axe Iron.png Primal Maul Iron.png Primal Shield Maple.png Primal Bow Maple.png Primal Staff Maple.png 

Tier 2

Primal Sword Orichalcum.png Primal Axe Orichalcum.png Primal Mace Orichalcum.png Primal Dagger Orichalcum.png Primal Greatsword Orichalcum.png Primal Battle Axe Orichalcum.png Primal Maul Orichalcum.png Primal Shield Beech.png Primal Bow Beech.png Primal Staff Beech.png 

Tier 3

Primal Sword Dwarven.png Primal Axe Dwarven.png Primal Mace Dwarven.png Primal Dagger Dwarven.png Primal Greatsword Dwarven.png Primal Battle Axe Dwarven.png Primal Maul Dwarven.png Primal Shield Hickory.png Primal Bow Hickory.png Primal Staff Hickory.png 


Primal Style Gallery




Primal Motif Books


You might look at the gear sported by a fully-equipped Goblin warchief and think, "What a mismatched conglomeration of primitive paraphernalia." But you would be wrong. Each item that warchief is wearing was carefully selected for its proven utility, and represents a decision backed by millennia of tradition. This is a style of arms and armor we ethnographers call the "Primal," and it is as distinctive and recognizable as any other culture set.

Goblins and other folk who have adopted the Primal style are typically superb scavengers and looters. They seem to have a special sense for where to find the sort of cast-off yet serviceable, even exceptional equipment that will fit the Primal esthetic. And they are as proud of their turn-out as any Imperialcenturion.

Recent scholarship by Doctor Intricatus of Gwylim University confirms this, and adds some new information that shows that "primal" is, indeed, the optimal label for this style. His study of the fifty-seven Primal ensembles worn by the massacred Knife-Biter Goblin tribe showed that many of the items found on the corpses were hundreds, if not thousands of years old. Some of the greaves and cuirasses appeared to date from the early First Era, and represented ancient forging techniques that have since been lost to history. Did the Goblins loot these from ancient Cyrodilic ruins, as they've been known to do? Or did they actually pass them down, generation by generation, since time immemorial?

Yes, Professor Zenas, that IS how you spell "immemorial." Wait … what? Professor? Is that your voice?

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